Paloma THC Seltzer

with Grapefruit, Lime, & Sea Salt

5 mg hemp derived Delta 9 THC per Crowler

Available starting 9/23

Non-Alcoholic. Enhanced with THC. 

$8/can – cash only, to-go only
no online sales

A new line of non-alcoholic seltzer from Venn, infused with MN grown hemp derived Delta 9 THC and real fruit.

More varieties in development – keep your eyes open for more to come!


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1301 South Jason Street Unit J, Denver, CO 80223

When can I get this Seltzer?

Anytime we’re open and we have it in stock.

How old do I need to be?

21+, with a valid ID.

Can I pay with a credit card or debit card?

No, cash only.

Is there a limit on how many cans I can buy?

No limit at this time.

Can I drink this at Venn?

No, to-go only.

How much THC is in the seltzer?

5mg of THC per Crowler (750mL), 1 serving.

How much seltzer should I drink?

If you’ve never had THC before we recommend you take the seltzer home and start with one can or less. Everyone metabolizes THC differently and it can take as long as one to two hours for the effects to set in, so take it easy and see what works for you.

Is there any alcohol in the Seltzer?