We want our beers to be as welcoming as the beertender pouring them. So it’s no wonder we have a wide array of beers, inspired by recipes from around the globe, to quench your curiosity. 

Below are a few examples of what you might find in the taproom. Unlike larger production breweries, we won’t have the same core beers on all the time. Instead, you can expect to find each offering labeled by batch number –  Each batch will be available until it’s gone.

Light gold in color, this hop-forward lager has notes of fresh bread dough with a crisp, floral, slightly spicy finish. A throwback to the way pilsners were made pre-Prohibition, this beer takes the best American ingredients and treats them the way our German immigrant ancestors did. It’s a pilsner with the volume turned way, way up.
Venn’s take on a traditional Scandinavian farmhouse ale. Mashed with rye and oats and boiled with juniper berries, Sahti offers an earthy and complex malt profile with a bright, piney finish. We may not make it over burning wood fires in the forests of Norway during the deepest part of winter, but we do imbue this unusual brew with all the flavors of the Northland for a beer that’s as captivating as it is delicious.
This ruby red ale has an initial caramel sweetness and a full, creamy texture that finishes dry and subtly roasty. It’s a beer best meant to be enjoyed like the Scots who first invented it—on a grey, chilly day, in the warm company of friends.
This dark brown, malt-forward ale has rich flavors of coffee, oats, toffee and dark chocolate. Brewed with six different kinds of malts and oats, this beer is incomparably complex and smooth without feeling like a meal in a glass. It’s more like the full-bodied red wine you’d enjoy with dinner than being the dinner itself.
The complex union of fruit and spice compliment the elegant malt character of this amber Belgian ale. If champagne died and was reborn as a beer, this is what it would come back as.
Amber in color, this beer has a crazy strong hop presence for being a low-alcohol beer. Relatively low bitterness allows the malt character and body to keep the beer flavorful while being absurdly easy to drink. If you like hops and you like to drink numerous glasses in a sitting, this is the beer for you.
This unique, wheat-based sour ale is indigenous to Berlin. It is crisp, highly carbonated, and surprisingly refreshing. This is the beer for anyone who usually chooses cider.
Sometimes called a “Black Pilsner,” this beer is deceivingly dark. It is nearly black in color, yet light and refreshing, and offers a mild roasty flavor with hints of bread crust. If you’ve never thought of yourself as a dark beer drinker, this is the beer that will make you think again.
A showcase of domestic hops with strong notes of citrus and tropical fruit, this India Pale Ale has a moderately high bitterness with a subdued but supportive malt backbone.
Pronounced Hell-ess, this golden lager is evenly balanced between malt and hops. Easily drunk, yet plenty flavorful, it will satisfy both the craft beer connoisseur and the dedicated light lager drinker. We call it our gateway beer, because, well, taste one and see.