Here at Venn, we’re all about building community, enriching the lives of our friends, and getting involved in causes that make our neighborhood a better place to live, work, and enjoy life (and beer!). Below are the causes and some example initiatives that are important to us.

  • THE ENVIRONMENT/MINNESOTA WATERWAYS: Bike trails, Mississippi River clean-up
  • OUR LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD: Organizations that focus on building up and positively impacting the community within about 3 miles of Venn.
  • THE BEER COMMUNITY: Homebrew competitions, craft beer education, BJCP/Cicerone education.
  • ANIMAL WELFARE: Local animal rescue organizations.

If your goals line up with ours, we’d love to chat about how we can team up to make the world a little brighter! Fill out our Venn Brewing Charitable Donation Request Form and submit to

Requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the donation deadline.

Unfortunately, we are unable to entertain donation requests from any of the following:
*Organizations without a 501(c)(3) status
*Private fundraisers, contributions to Kickstarters, GoFundMes, or other crowd-sourcing endeavors
*Political organizations or campaigns, religious groups, children’s groups
*Organizations operating entirely outside of Minnesota