Venn beer, sweet tunes, and friendly faces await you at the bar. Bring the family, call a buddy, stop by with a coworker, or come make new friends. Whatever way, we want you here.


South Minneapolis – the corner of 46th Street and Hiawatha, on the first floor of Oaks Station Place and just across the parking lot from the 46th Street light rail stop.

You can find the Venn taproom a few blocks from Minnehaha Falls, sandwiched between Lakes Hiawatha and Nokomis and the mighty Mississippi, and a stone’s throw from Highland Park.

You can get to us by light rail, bus, bike, car, scooter, or your own two legs.

Our brewery is only two light rail stops from the MSP Airport – Venn Brewing is one of the closest breweries to the airport. Swing through for a beer if you find yourself on a long layover!

Wondering about parking or what to expect in the taproom? We’ve got Taproom FAQ answers here.

3550 E 46th St Suite 140, Mpls, MN 55406



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